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EDUCATION IN RUSSIA                                                

Children under the age of six are taken to crèches and nursery schools or kindergartens in our country.

They go to school at the age of six. The course of studies at schools is 11 years now: 4 years of primary school and 7 years of secondary school.

There is a wide choice of schools nowadays: state schools, private schools, lyceums and gymnasiums. The majority of schools are free of charge.

In primary school there are three or four lessons a day. They usually are Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. A lesson lasts 40 minutes. The list of subjects in primary schools includesHandicrafts, Drawing, Music, Physical Education, World History of Arts, Fundamentals of Security, History, Geography and others. At a primary school all lessons are usually conducted by one teacher.

In secondary school there is a wide variety of subjects and teachers specialize. After finishing the ninth form and getting the Certificate of Basic Secondary Education schoolchildren may either continue their education in the tenth form or go to the vocational schools and colleges.

At the end of the eleventh form the school-leavers take State Final exams and get the Certificate of CompleteSecondary Education.

Among higher educational establishments are institutes, academies and universities. At the end of their last year the students take final examinations and get adiploma. Besides, they can take post graduate courses in the chosen field.


1. Make up 10 questions to the text (10)

2. Give Russian equivalents of the following: (10)

Private school, primary school, secondary school, lyceum, vocational school, a wide choice, free of charge, school-leavers , the majority of schools, the Certificate of Basic Secondary Education, take State Final exams, get a diploma, post graduate courses.

3. Give English equivalents of the following: (10)

Ясли, большой выбор, государственная школа, детский сад , большинство школ, предметы, уроки ведутся, включать, ручной труд, Аттестат о полном среднем образовании, выпускник, академия, аспирантура.

4 Translate the following words in brackets: -(10)

  1. (Курс обучения) is eleven years.
  2. Children (младше шести лет) are taken to crèches and nursery schools.
  3. (Большинство школ) are free of charge.
  4. At the age of 6 children (идут в начальную школу).
  5. After (базовой средней школы) young people can enter (профессиональное училище или колледж)

5.Find in the text and  write the information about:  (10)

  • The list of subjects in primary schools;
  • Types of schools existing in Russia;
  •  Secondary education;
  • School-leaving examinations;
  • Higher educational establishments.
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